North Lube’s systems provide solutions for high performance equipment over the long haul, automatically lubricating and replenishing grease as it is used.

New Installations

SKF Vogel lubrication system dispenses measured amount of lubricant from an automatic Central pump, which ensures continuous lubrication to maximise and increase productivity. SKF lubrication systems protects Bearings and other moving parts by lubricating all friction points.

Automatic lubrication systems decreases down time, machine repairs and shutdowns for manual lubrication this then decreases operating costs on your machinery or trucks.

We can work together and develop a system that meets your requirements.


Kelvin has 20 years in the Automatic Lubrication industry and has an extensive background and knowledge throughout the auto lube industry.

Kelvin provides total service to customers and ensures all troubleshooting and repairs are carried out in a timely manner protecting your assets to, reducing unexpected down time is our main aim.

Remote Grease Lines

Remote grease lines are designed for those hard to reach grease points behind guards or in difficult positions.

Remote lines allow safe and easy access to those difficult points, and comply with Occupational Health and Safety regulations governing lubrication while a machine is operating.

Industrial Lubrication

Conveying chains require continuous lubrication to reduce friction that can result in chain wear. Insufficient or incorrect lubrication of Chains will cause premature wear, chain failure results in down time of production. Manual lubrication can risk or injury’s and may not comply with occupational health and safety standards, as most equipment requires lubrication while the chain is moving.. Auto Lube is your solution!


North lube offers scheduled service visits to ensure Automatic Lubrication Systems are operating correctly and therefore avoiding scheduled breakdowns and downtime.

Maintenance programs can be scheduled around times that suit individual business to optimise your production.